Half-day workshop of sensuous-spiritual exercises to help us experience the vitality of our bodies and the vitality of Eretz Yisrael energizing our minds and spirits. 

Art by Elisheva Shira

This half-day workshop will provide a rich variety of sensuous-spiritual experiences to help you feel more connected to your body, to the special vitality of Eretz Yisrael, and to this land’s love for us. It will also help you enter Shabbat feeling cleansed, relaxed, and energized.

Teaching will be in English, but Hebrew speakers are welcome and the discussion can be in both Hebrew and English.  Men only.

7:15AM - 12:30PM

Friday Feb 21 and Feb 28

100 Shekels

The WoRKSHOP will include the following segments:


Immersion in the Maayan

Immersing in Bat Ayin’s Maayan, particularly in the winter, helps awaken our inner vitality and prepare us for Tefilah. We’ll prepare ourselves for the cold water through deep breathing and by opening our minds to welcome the intense vitality of the experience. The maayan helps us “reboot” our consciousness. Coming out, we’ll emerge into an expansive landscape that visually expresses the love between Heaven and Earth and helps us open our minds and hearts to God.


Torah & Meditation with Rav Daniel Kohn

Rav Daniel has a special gift of teaching Torah and Avodat Hashem. For this seminar, he will share some Torah insights on the parshah and guide us in a meditation to help prepare us for davening and for Shabbat.


Shacharit Minyan in Bat Ayin’s Beit Knesset

One of the special attractions of Bat Ayin is as a place to daven with others who take pleasure connecting to Hashem through prayer.

Wild Foods Foraging With Rina Shoshana.

One of the deepest expressions of this land’s love for us are the healing and nurturing wild plants that grow untended and in abundance in response to the rains that we’ve prayed for. There are several very common wild plants that you’ll be introduced to.  You’ll get to pick and taste them and learn to identify them so you can start enjoying the free gifts from the land that are growing in your own backyard.


A Traditional Sauna Sweat

The sauna is a powerful tool for cleansing the blood, deeply relaxing our bodies, and calming and uplifting our minds. The sweat is also a special place to sing nigunim together, to connect to one another, to connect to our bodies, and to connect to the land.  It can also be a place of prayer and healing.


Delicious Brunch

Delicious brunch featuring the wild foods that we picked.  Eating is an act of deep connection and incorporation. Mindful eating of the wild foods that Eretz Yisrael grows for free right outside our doors can help us connect to God’s love for us and to this land’s deep desire to nurture us and help us feel more healthy and alive.

Shalom Moshe

Shalom Moshe

All parts of me were completely nourished by what I experienced here. With the wild foods in particular, it felt like my body was craving them and wanting more. This seminar helped me feel more truly at home here in Israel.
Daniel Widmonte

Daniel Widmonte

Amazing preparation for Shabbat. The things we did in the seminar helped give me a calmness and a sense of space that carried over into Shabbat and made the tefilot more spacious and heart-opening. The seminar also opened my eyes to the symbiotic relationship between us and the land and the awareness that that this land is eager to nourish and heal us. Dipping in the maayan in the winter felt like I learned a special secret for more vitality. Coming out, my body was vibrating and even felt warm. I felt so alive and clean and refreshed.

Space is limited to 5 participants (men only) for each workshop.
Workshop Fee: ₪100.
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